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On 11th December 2018 my daughter was born, Winifred ‘Winnie’ Gladys Honour, she weighed 7lbs7oz. ?? ❤️

After 11 days our joy turned to dismay when she started choking on her bottles.-

So we took Winnie to A&E, they suspected she may have bronchilitis which was narrowing her airways but after a long afternoon we were sent away for Christmas at home.

On Boxing Day, Winnie had another episode and stopped breathing, once again she needed to be stimulated to start breathing again.

This time we were admitted to hospital with suspected bronchilitis. Just a few days after being told she didn’t have it.

She began to get more and more poorly and needed help to maintain her oxygen levels. Her amazing Mum stayed with her day and night.

I was between the hospital and home with my two sons Bertie and Alfie.

After 2.5 weeks the doctors still couldn’t understand why she wasn’t improving so Winnie and Mum were transferred to the John Radcliffe and were under the care of a specialist respiratory doctor.

Weeks later, after lots of tests and procedures, she was still undiagnosed and a mystery! Although it started as Broncholitis it had developed in to something more severe…we just didn’t know what?!

Mortgage Advisors Brackley Northamptonshire

As Winnie began to slowly improve over weeks and months, she was well enough to return home with a home supply of oxygen and lots of meds.

So why am I telling you this?

Well to be honest I was in a right pickle.

The birth of a new child, looking after my two sons, trying to keep the house in order, trying to remain strong for Winnie and her Mum, worrying about work, it was all too much for me.

It really took its toll on me and impacted me more than I first realised, both physically and mentally. ?

I returned to work but Winnie still needed constant care and was a regular in A&E.

I was seeing my family less when they needed me the most.

I was struggling to juggle all of my responsibilities.

Something had to change…

I needed more time with family, more flexibility and a new challenge to pick me up from a dark place and get me motivated again.

On 12th July, Thomas Honour Mortgage Services was launched. It’s 1 month old today !!! ?

I couldn’t have believed in my wildest dreams that the first month would go as well as it did.

I have the flexibility that I need to spend more time with my kids.

I’m able to put them to bed and have dinner as a family each day.

Am I working less hours, hell no….I’m working harder than ever! ?? ?

But I’m working around my family, the most important people in my life.

I am motivated, I am energised and I feel mentally stronger than ever! ??

I’m getting brilliant feedback from clients and business is booming.

Thank you to every single one of you that has supported me.

Thank you to those that have shared my posts, liked my content, recommended me to friends, family and colleagues.

I love the buzz of helping people buy and stay in their dream homes. This excites and motivates me more than anything, I want this feeling of helping others more. ??

Remember to support your friends, family and local businesses because there is a reason why I’d love to help you more than a national broker, your bank or estate agent.

Mortgage Advisors Brackley Northamptonshire

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

Thomas Honour

Thomas Honour

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