Not so much left in the bank…as the hottest holiday on record increases Brits spending

It’s estimated the British public spent over £2.6 billion on trips over the bank holiday weekend, research from American Express reveals.

According to the research, a fifth (20%) of British people took a trip over the weekend, with the majority heading to the seaside to make the most of the hottest bank holiday August on record. Those going abroad spent an average £280 each, while those taking a stay-cation will spend an average £235. Of this, both those that went abroad and stayed in the UK are expected to have spent the most on accommodation, £70 and £65 respectively, followed by travel, and then meals and drink.

Those who decided to stay at home during the long weekend are still expected to have spent an average £76 each on extra activities, such as shopping (43%), eating out (39%) and going for drinks (38%).

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Thomas Honour

Thomas Honour

Business Owner & Principal Mortgage Advisor

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